Rappelling down Waterfalls in Maui

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Author: Mary Hanson;

Wow!  I have to tell you I was really nervous at first, but this has to be one of the most exhilarating, fun, exciting things I have ever encountered.

The van ride out to the Garden of Eden, along the Hana hwy was very enjoyable, with lovely scenery, and the guides were very fun & informative.

There were 7 of us in the group that day with two guides, Dave and Mark. Dynamite Guides!!   As we got out of the van, we were all saying how excited and nervous we were.   We proceeded to put on harnesses, helmets and shoes.   The helmets all had our names on the front in big letters, which was a great idea, so we knew one another’s names so effortlessly.

We started our hike into one of the most beautiful valleys.  It was a short 10 minute hike to our first descend.    We were standing on top of a ridge looking around in awe!   What beauty!  Our first rappel was down the side of a mountain cliff, not a waterfall.   Dave and Mark got the ropes ready while teaching us about the carabineer’s.  Mark went down to the bottom to hold onto the guiding rope.  Dave started down the side to showed us how Mark would stop us if we got into any trouble.     Now, one of the guys in our group was really nervous!  But he actually decided to be the first one to rappel down.   He said he didn’t want to stand on that ridge and think about it, he was smart.  He did a great job and hooped and hollered when he was done.  It was easy….he shouted.  I think  we were all a little more at ease.

I was the last to go.  I watched carefully as others made small mistakes, but corrected themselves without any harm.    I thought I would do it perfectly and almost did, until the end where I lost a little footing and swung to  the left,  but I bounced right back and continued to the finish.  Not even a scratch!  Yahoo!  I was finished and looking forward to the next rappel.    What surprised me the most was that the rope did not go flying through my hand, I kind of had to work it a little to release it as I was walking down the side of the cliff.  This made it much more controlled and so safe!   I don’t know what I was thinking, but it really is safe and easy!!  I love it.  How exciting!

Our second rappel started at the bottom of our first rappel.  This waterfall  was a straight drop about 50 feet.   I thought the water was running pretty strong  but the guide said that it was at the lowest force.  Hmmm!  This was a kind of scary!  You are standing at the top of a waterfalls, looking to take your first step down, looking  where to plant your foot, then the next foots turn to find a spot to hold onto.  (Dave told us where to step, but it is still a little difficult to find the footing)   You lean back and start letting the rope run through your hand as you walk down the waterfalls.  Wow what a excellent adventure!   The water is splashing onto your head and face as you are finding a good spot to put your feet.  You continue stepping your way down to the huge pool waiting below.  Ker plunk!  Into the pool you go, a refreshing fresh water pool.  Mark is there to help you unhook your carabineer.  I swam to the side, took off my back pack and just stayed in the pool with a satisfied feeling of accomplishment.     Looking up,  there was my brother, getting ready for his rappel adventure.  How exciting!   Oh did I already say that?

We had to walk a ways  to the third rappel.  Now I am feeling confident and having so damn much fun!   It is gorgeous!  It has been a little rainy, then sunny hot,  but still very comfortable.  The smell of the river and the trees are incredible.   Life is so good, so enjoying myself out in the jungle.  We are at a 30 foot cliff  that has two different waterfalls.  Mark and Dave set up the ropes while explaining the two different descends and landings.  Both take you down to a rock platform where,  after you take off the carbineer, you must jump into the pool below and swim to the other side.  I go first.  I felt like I really knew what I was doing.  It was perfect, still so exhilarating, just a little more relaxed!  I swam to the side to take a few pictures and again looked back at the falls in awe of what I had just done.

Oh, and now the part I had just a little bit of difficulty with.  The walk back out.   It was a short but steep hike up the mountain side back to the van.  I was a little exhausted  but on the flip side,  I so looked forward to the lunch that was waiting for us at the top.  We sat in a fantastic little hut overlooking our last waterfalls, with a delicious turkey wrap, sweet pineapple,  yummy cookie and bottle of water.   I was in Heaven!

Thank you Rappel Maui for a wonderful day.  And Thank you Dave and Mark for being such Dynamite Guides.  These two  were so relaxed, so calm and confident,  they put your mind to ease anytime a little bit of fear crept in.  Very professional, experienced and funny!   I could go on and on.  But you get my point!  I had seriously one of the best adventures of my life. I will be talking about this day for years to come.

Rappelling down Waterfalls in Maui; Canyoneering at it’s best in Hawaii.

This has to be one of the most exhilarating, fun, exciting things I have ever encountered. If I can do it, you can too.