4 Hour Fishing Charters off Maui

Fishing on Aloha Blue

Sport Fishing & Bottom Fishing Combo

Danielle has been trying to get me out on Aloha Blue for a couple of years now, and I finally went on their Fishing excursion off Maui yesterday.

OMG What fun!! I’ve been out sport fishing here in Hawaii several times and even participated in a couple of the Wahine (women’s) Fishing Tournaments. We always have fun, especially knowing you have the chance of hooking up to a big Tuna or Marlin!

The best part of a fishing charter that offers bottom fishing as well as sport fishing is that you get to not only experience the thrill of the hunt for Big Game fish, you actually get to handle the pole and put your own line into the water, and reel it back in. *And most important…. you get to keep your Fish!

With Sport Fishing, the boat is fishing, then you get to reel the fish in after it’s on the line.

4 hour fishing charters trolling for Mahi, Ono and Ahi. (Dorado, Wahoo & Tuna)

Trolling for Mahi, Ono and Ahi. (Dorado, Wahoo & Tuna)


With Bottom Fishing, you & I are the ones fishing!  And look at the Fish I just caught!  Even the guys on the boat (and my sons who are avid fishermen, born and raised on Maui) were impressed with my catch! It’s not that my Fish was so big, it’s that Grey Snapper is really good eating!! Here in Hawaii, we call it an Uku. We also caught ‘plenty’ Blueline Snapper

(Ta’ape); most of which went right back in the ocean. We ran into a school of Rainbow Runners! Also very good eating fish. We caught several other good size fish….unfortunately I forgot the names…

I have to say, there was a nice lady onboard, Val, who had no intention of fishing. Val was going along with her husband for the ride and the Whale Watching, however she paid for the fishing vs rider price…well as I was fishing she decided to let her husband bait  her line and go a ahead and fish off the side of the boat with the rest of us.

Val caught the biggest Fish!  Let me tell you that by the end of the 2 hours we were bottom fishing, she was baiting her own line!

I also liked that the Captain moved our fishing vessel over a couple of different reefs. They have the latest in ‘Fish Finders’… also, not having ever bottom fished here in Hawaii before, the ‘Fishing 101’ class was very helpful. I find things are not as worrisome, if I can see it being done and get a chance to try it myself.

Bottom fishing is a fun, family friendly excursion to do here on Maui and 4 hour fishing charters mean you are back by Noon and still have the rest of the day to play. Kids and adults of all ages have a lot of fun fishing off the boat, and Sport Fishing for Big Game fish on the way to and from the Bottom Fishing grounds. While we did not get a Fish while trolling this time, our line went off and we had a Mahi strike our line!

When the boat catches a Fish, the crew and Fishermen split the catch. When you catch a Bottom Fish on your pole, you get to keep all your fish!

Ok, so much for the fishing aspect of my Fishing tour yesterday…did I mention the Whale Watching yet!! All I can say is WOW! If you are lucky enough to go fishing in Hawaii during peak whale season…OMG! We call it Whale soup when you can look in every direction and see whales.  And let me tell you they were very active yesterday! I was trying to real in a fish, and Whales were literally breaching right in front of me! And not that far away either…  I had to choose either my fish or grab my camera!! Hard choice when the whales are not too far from the boat, and you know you can get a good shot! I chose my Fish…

Whale Watching while fishing off Maui, Hawaii

If only my camera was a little more to the left…Photo was taken as we were heading back to Maalaea Harbor

If you are looking for 4 hour fishing charters off Maui, you can’t do much better than Aloha Blue; you have the chance to catch fish, get good photos of  said fish,  watch for Humpback Whales in the winter months, and just generally have a great time here in Hawaii, out on the warm Pacific blue Ocean…

The boat has coolers with ice for beer, otherwise the drinks were included in the price. I would recommend bringing a snack for the ride back, and maybe the ride out as well if you skipped breakfast.

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